Mirrage Pop Star
Is the world we see reliable?
The human visual system has only three types of cones, so we are like colour blindness when we look at the world, compared with other creatures; While the unique visual system of bird contains four types of cones that allow them to distinguish a lot more colour; Many insects have compound eyes. It consists of a variable number of ommatidia, which is generally hexagonal.
Interview Under 35 -  Li Hao (gooood)
 For example, the compound eyes of dragonflies consist of 10,000 to 30,000 ommatidia, and each ommatidium is a small camera that keeps shooting the surrounding objects to form an image, which can observe things within 6 meters. The installation “POP STAR” comes from the artist's desire for a kind of transcendental visual system.
"POP STAR" is based on the geometric shape of the icosahedron. Through the deconstruction of space and the reconstruction of form, the artist finally constructed this "monster" with a huge volume that exceeds the human visual reading scale, like an alien object flying in from another dimension of time and space. 
Viewers could feel the association between the “POP STAR” and transcendental theory that Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "The world globes itself in a drop of dew", while the artist enlarges a tiny compound eye into a behemoth.
Spectators can enter the central area to look around the fields. In her "abdomen", she is quiet, dependent, and maternal. While from the outside he is extremely oppressive, power-hungry, and fatherly. In different spatial relationships, it not only feels like water but also conveys an ambitious desire at the same time. Among the two contradictory tensions, the dialectical relationship between motion and static is lost, and the visual senses become a fraud and illusion.
"POP STAR" is in this paradoxical state of perception, which expresses a pure form of original power: It is a kind of amplification and extension from instinct. This power is freed from text and narrative, which view the unknown unbounded universe in transcendentalism way.
Artist: Li Hao ( One Take Architects )
Curator: Ai Song
Client : UiART
Drawing: Wang Xiaoting
Photography: Li Wei, Ai Song, Li Hao
Art Installation, 15m*15m*15m
Address: Hengsha Island, Shanghai, China